how do we do it?

We combine the methodologies of Visual Thinking, visual facilitation, collective creation, group methodologies and team coaching among others, with the aim of helping teams and organizations to respond to their challenges. You will drive the necessary changes, you will get closer to your dream. And something new will arise.

graphic facilitation

Visual Thinking and graphic facilitation

The Visual Thinking & Graphic Facilitation helps us to capture the intuitions and ideas that emerge in your team, providing them with meaning and turning them into a force for change. This participative process promotes trust, welcomes diversity and strengthens the team’s commitment.

systemic coaching

Systemic coaching

We offer a comprehensive perspective that covers the different dimensions of the organization, putting a special focus in the relational patterns that mould it. For this we encourage reflection on the place that people occupy in the organization and the role that each plays in it.

team coaching

Teams coaching

Teams coaching: Through deep listening, respectful inquiry and meaningful conversations, we facilitate the identification of the team’s challenges, as well as the resources that you have to be able to face them.

participative metodologies

Participative Methodologies

Participatory Methodologies: the work that we propose, only not produces specific and concrete results for the organization or team, but also generates trust and strengthens its capacities and competences.

And the underlying...

Visual languaje

When we live a process that is visualized, our eyes, ears, mind and heart start to connect. And when this occurs, we listen (to ourselves) more deeply. We connect more deeply with the process.

When we see our words and our thoughts expressed in front of us -in that here and now, on paper – we become more aware about what is happening in that space.

When we use visual facilitation and collection, we activate our listening and connect mind and heart to favour conversations, generate alignment and commitment, breakdown solutions and visualise possible scenarios. We create visual narratives.

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