Visual Thinking and Graphic Facilitation

What is Visual Thinking?

Visual Thinking y Facilitación Gráfica:

Visual thinking is a methodology that combines different tools to look at and interpret reality (complex) and co-create through drawings and words (with simplicity and clarity). Visual Thinking allows us to:

  • Order the information and thought.
  • Simplify the complex.
  • Open new perspectives.
  • Synthesis the informatio.
  • Identify the patterns of a meeting and/or process.
  • Maintain the “tone” of the participating people in order to be present.
  • Create the conditions so new ideas can emerge.
  • Facilitate the visualisation of common points of arrival.
  • Provide change metaphors and help people to move in a shared direction.
  • Visualise scenarios and achieve commitment (common points of arrival).
  • Generate collective thought.
  • Encourage participation.
  • And fix the learning.

When we talk about Visual Thinking we are talking about a language. It is not about drawing. It is about synthesising, understanding and being understood. To visualise. To collect the process. It is about dialogue, conversation, connecting, caring, moving and touching. To communicate.

The use of #VisualThinking and #VisualLanguage is not an act of “drawing and scribbling”: it is an exercise that connects mind and heart to favour conversations, generates alignment and commitment and breaking down solutions or visualise possible scenarios. And do it with a common language. That brings together. That makes horizontal the relationship and thought in an organization.

Visual Thinking fosters innovation, participation, collective leadership and creativity.

Visual Thinking fosters innovation, participation, collective leadership and creativity.
The expression Visual Thinking covers a set of methodologies and concepts that open the way in the field of communication and the business strategy, the work with teams and the organizational culture.

The * Graphic Recording (graphic acts), Visual Storytelling (visual narratives), the sketchnotes (visual visual), Infographies & Visual Facilitation, Visual methods of Problem Solving), Mind Maps, Strategic Visioning, design thinking etc…

What does visual thinking helps us with?

Visual Thinking, combined with team coaching and graphic Facilitation helps us to capture the intuitions and ideas that emerge in your team, giving them meaning and turning them into a force for change.

This way, by capturing an idea in a vision manner, and not only with your mind, you are developing your synthesis understanding capacity, in addition to being more expressive making not only words that may not be able to reflect your ideas completely.

Visual thinking allows you to express in a visual manner the receiver of the message or idea to understand your point of view in an easier way or to explain a concept.

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