Our added value: Visual Language


Our contribution consists in using work methodologies which make the systematic view possible, and translating this into visual language. We provide our own tools to explore the whole process and to materialize it into deliverables which make the experience tangible. We work with methodologies including the Iceberg, River of History, the Theory U, the Ladder of Inference, World Café, Fish-bowl, Jahsen's Window/ Jahari's Window, The Art of Hosting and Harvesting, etc.


We analyse the requirements of each organisation and project and select the most appropriate mix of methodologies. The “toolbox” for Visual Thinking and from the world of facilitation is applied in a flexible, customised way.


To create a meaningful story. The biggest challenge for organisations and communities is to give themselves meaning and a shared understanding of things. With these methodologies, we manage to position all the participants in a transforming gaze which allows them to view the future they are headed towards together and construct it through drawings. Identify and focus. Allows a diversity of perspectives and contributions to be recognised and creates a specific product which allows everyone to focus in the same direction. Innovate. Visual Thinking isn’t practised by following the hierarchical structure of an organisation; roles are changed so everyone can participate and new leadership is created. Participate. A Thinking Mural requires democratic governance, challenges the capacity to build together, reach agreements, create consensus, accommodate diversity and be able to provide unity and a common purpose. Strengthen teamwork. Transforms any group, organisation, team or place into a collaborative creation community.

Some of our work

What we do and how we do it is defined by work such as that shown below. Discover in greater depth how we work on visual facilitation through the different work we show you.

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