Our added value: Visual Language


The systemic approach allows us to understand and act on the set of elements which make up an organisation and its qualities, the unique characteristics of each team which go beyond the parts it consists of. An organisation’s system is always evolving; by working on this, we identify dynamics, patterns, connections, the emerging, the “between”, and their movements. Thanks to the visual language applied from this focus, we’ll be able to represent this movement and place it at the service of the organisation. Our contribution consists of providing meaning and making the orderly succession of the elements visible. We draw from the “Guiding Principle”, which means the origin of the system in order to pick out our “Relevant Facts”, the story which has brought us here, the base of our system.


It’s an inward gaze which we train through a combination of kinaesthetic, visual and linguistic language, to identify who we are and the place we occupy in the system. It allows us to be aware of our “here” and “now” and to visualise the place we occupy in the system. We bring together a look at the entire system, identifying the connection with the people at our side, the sense of our gaze, the relationships and the place we occupy in them. We connect with our origins, our reason for being and our guiding principle and from there we outline the moments, milestones, successes, failures, and the people who were there and who are there today. This helps us to create the narrative which visualises the story of the system and the path which brought us here, connecting the role of each member of this narrative. We order the elements and their limits, identifying what stays inside and what we place outside. And from there, we shape the conversations we need to balance the dynamics.


To connect the story with our contributions and create a system vision which recognises the position of each element and its interactions, in order to work on the future we want to build from there.

Some of our work

What we do and how we do it is defined by work such as that shown below. Discover in greater depth how we work on visual facilitation through the different work we show you.

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