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Team coaching is a methodology to improve group relationships, orient them towards performance and create organisational strength. It helps to go from a group of people to a team which relates, recognises the individual and collective roles, and interacts in a healthy environment.


Coaching activates a team and “kick-starts” it, creating the movement of change: it allows starting points and finishing points as well as intermediate steps to advance along the path to creating more effective teams. The interventions allow a team to understand each other and focus on their contribution, the reason for each organisation. We work on the environment you operate in, we agree what results are being sought and how to measure them, how to organise the actions and tasks (meetings, knowledge management, decision making, distribution of tasks, duties, team roles, leadership...), relationships (trust, commitment, conflict, emotions, etc.) and at a deeper level, we search for the dynamics and patterns which create, favour and in some cases hinder all of the above.


Combining team coaching with Visual Thinking/ Visual Facilitation helps us to capture the intuitions and ideas which arise in your team, giving them meaning and turning them into a force for change. It works to improve the harmony of a team and facilitate profound knowledge and self-knowledge. To promote the key points of shared leadership, develop relationships and skills which positively influence results, help prioritise actions, create an action plan and develop better sustained and sustainable performance.

Some of our work

What we do and how we do it is defined by work such as that shown below. Discover in greater depth how we work on visual facilitation through the different work we show you.

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