Our added value: Visual Language

What is it?

Visual Language is a complete system of tools and a methodology which allows you to connect ideas and intentions, so they deliver and contribute to creating new knowledge. Visual Thinking or thinking based on images goes beyond drawings or doodles: it’s a complete language, with its own vocabulary and grammar, which allows teams to be aligned and creates commitment. It’s the common language which allows us to reach solutions and commitments, as well as to visualise possible scenarios.


Like all languages, before speaking, you have to listen. When we facilitate a Visual Thinking session, we listen with our mind and body aligned, and we express ourselves with simple drawings. And then, the complex becomes tangible and understandable: by seeing, we understand in an almost intuitive way. When our words and thoughts are expressed through drawing, we take better notice of what’s happening in that space, we understand better and we can work together on a tangible reality.


Visual facilitation is an efficient and effective tool: it functions in a predictable way to achieve the proposed objectives. We apply this language to the strategic and communicative field for all kinds of teams, in all disciplines: education, social action, business, etc. We improve communication, develop understanding about what is presented and, by connecting with the ideas and people, we can aspire to improve the decisions made and our team culture. Visual facilitation simplifies and streamlines processes considerably, which is why of late it has become a first level tool which it’s advisable to master to gain efficiency in many situations: presentations, classes, negotiations or decision-making meetings.

Some of our work

What we do and how we do it is defined by work such as that shown below. Discover in greater depth how we work on visual facilitation through the different work we show you.

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