some of our works

Our courses, whether “In Company” like “Open” allow us to:

  • Approach the world of Visual Thinking/Visual Language (from its pedagogical/communicative and/or organizational contribution)
  • Develop, in practice, skills for the development of a “visual vocabulary” of our company and organization.
  • Exercise listening skills and systematising the information.
  • Be able to cover the process giving it sense.

Graphic Recording:: It is the process of capturing and synthesising, with drawings and words, the content (and energy) of a meeting, conference and/or congress. Giving order and sequence, offering metaphors and symbols, and generating a narrative of the meeting. The result: graphic records created during the event at the same time as the development of the conversation/information. We do it on murals (physical support) or digitally.

Infographies: We create with drawings and words a consolidated and systemised image of the information that the client wants to visualise and communicate. It allows for the rapid, friendly, visual and communicatively effective presentation of strategic plans, products, projects and ideas of companies and organizations. From our work approach, we make an effort to build that infograph by visual facilitation sessions which allows us to focus on and highlight the true central themes or strong ideas that the organization wants to visualise. Doing this together generates the appropriation and the alignment of the team involved. Greater communication impact is achieved.

Movestory: Through drawings and words on a white board we create digital animations that tell the narrative, history, project, plan or a future scenario.

GraphicRecording: Es el proceso de capturar y sintetizar, con dibujos y palabras, el contenido (y la energía) de una reunión, conferencia y/o congreso.

Infografías: Creamos  con dibujos y palabras una imagen consolidada y sistematizada de la información que el/la cliente quiere visualizar y comunicar.

Movestory: A través de dibujos y palabras y sobre una pizarra blanca creamos animaciones digitales que van contando la narrativa, historia, proyecto, plan o un escenario de futuro.

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