II Annual Meeting MICE Forum

Participation in the II Annual MICE Forum on with the #graphicrecordng of the day and a brief pill on the power of #visual language in the organization of events. Year: 2019 Place: Madrid

Systemic Visual Language

Lenguaje Visual Sistémico

4.601 / 5.000 Resultados de traducción The growing complexity and instability of the world we live in requires an evolution of thought and the languages ​​we use to think, listen, converse and communicate. Neuroscience is gradually discovering how our mind works and based on these findings we can develop new techniques and tools. verbal language […]

Presentation OPCE Spain

Ponencia OPCE Spain

Lecture on methodologies at the service of content for the OPCE SPAIN Within the framework of the #31OpceSpaincongress in the Kursaal of Donosti. Anterior Siguiente

Visual Day Eguna


Anterior Siguiente On February 2, 2019, together with Aulablog and with the support of the Bilbao City Council, we organized the 1st # Bilbao #VisualDayEguna. With more than 120 participants from all over the state, we shared our commitment to #visuallanguage in its contribution to learning processes. They were 4 presentations and 5 workshops that […]

#Bilbao #VisualDayEguna (the first)

#Bilbao #VisualDayEguna (la primera)

  February 2, 2019. The sky was dressed in various greys. And it threw gusts of rain curtains and little points of hail, which gave that typical touch to our beautiful city. From Jaén, Barcelona, ​​Soria, Valladolid, Donostia, Zaragoza, Valencia, Castellón, Derio, Tolosa, Logroño, Madrid, Pamplona… straight lines were being drawn, and curves that were […]

Iduka Congress 2019


Anterior Siguiente Lecture/workshop for “activation of Visual language as a Pedagogical Tool” at the Iduka 2019 Congress2019 Sector: Educational Place: Murcia More information at: https://www.ecmurcia.es/iduka- speakers/

2017… thank you so much

2017... gracias por tanto

To all the people, companies and entities that trust us. Thank you for a year full of #collaboration #learning #growth #conversations #change and lots of #VisualThinking. Mila Esker Guztioi!! Thank you!!! #OrganizationsQueAprenden #OrganizacionesQueComunican #VisualThinking #LenguajeVIsual #FacilitaciónVisual #GraphicFacilitation #TeamCoaching #TeamCoaching #GraphicRecording EyeKontact is @muxotepotolobat’s Visual Thinking, Team Coaching and Visual Facilitation service.