Deusto Business Alumni

Deusto Business Alumni held on Thursday 20 September 2019 a Deustalks in Madrid, with Nerea Burgoa,  Digital Transformation and Talent where we collaborate with a #Graphic Recording and offering a brief pill on #VisualThinking as the emerging methodology and language in the management of our companies and organizations.

In this same line, Deusto Business Alumni, held on Thursday 7 February 2018, the Talent Social day in a digital world, in the Auditorium Pedro de Icaza, of the Bilbao Deusto Business School campus. Within the “Management and Technology” conference cycle that they perform in collaboration with the Spri Group.

On this occasion we also reflect the #GraphicRecording of the day and we prepare a summary of the meeting.

To see the complete article published in the “Deusto Business School” magazine, visit this link: (página 19).

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