Visual Thinking for work with people and Teams – Classroom Course (with EMANA)

We have already covered 7 editions, 6 in Bilbao and one in Barcelona (with more than 130 people trained with this face-to-face course)

For 14 hours (2 days), we approach the world of Visual Thinking as a Language, focused on working with people and teams. With a methodology based on #Learning by Doing, we develop practical skills for listening, systematizing information and visualizing meaningful conversations, among others. On the other hand, we learn to collect the process, with different methodologies and visual tools, giving it meaning and narrative.

The development of visual language is accessible to all people. This course is especially aimed at:

Team Leaders, companies and Organizations who want to improve their communication skills, acquire strategies for working with teams and presenting content.

Professionals from the world of Consulting and Coaching who seek to incorporate visual language into their toolbox and reach their clients more quickly and efficiently.

Communication professionals and HR management, interested in expanding their techniques and tools to reach new places.

Teachers and trainers who are aware of the importance of visual language and wish to incorporate it into their proposals to achieve a greater impact.

Check upcoming open face-to-face training here

Free Pill Online – Challenge Activate your Visual Language.
Free pill from the hand of Miryam Artola, offered by Emana and Muxote Potolo Bat, online, for 5 days to activate your #VisualLanguage.

In the first edition of 2018, more than 1,100 people were encouraged to use this free online Pill to activate the #VisualThinking #LenguajeVisual.

If you want to sign up for the challenge in 2019, do it here!


Course 7×7: Visual Thinking for teamwork – Online course
Activation and deepening of the Visual Language and its application in working with people and teams, in areas where we play a leadership role (educational centers, companies, public administrations, foundations). The 8-week course is highly experiential and daily practice is perhaps the most important component. We know that we don’t learn to swim or ride a bike by reading one or many books or watching a video, and the incorporation of #VisualLanguage in our way of communicating is no exception.

Check the next edition at:×7 -visual-thinking-online/
Below you can enjoy two videos of the course “Course 7×7: Visual Thinking for teamwork” that we did online together with Emana.

We hope you like them.

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2018 - Present



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