what do we do?

Our work consists, through methodologies like visual thinking, of graphic facilitation and systemic coaching, and we accompany you to:

Crear equipos eficaces y cohesionados

Create effective and cohesive teams

We get the best out of you and your team

The purpose is to achieve effective and generative conservations that lead us to an effective, aligned and cohesive way of working. Be able to identify and reflect the contributions of each person to the team and from the team as a whole to the company or organization. Looking for the balance between the task and the relationship. Discover the starting points, which can be different. Find common points of arrival.

Crear juntos/as narrativas comunes

Together we create common narratives

We facilitate collective creation and thought, the team’s commitment and the organizational development.

Our accompaniment seeks the power to synthesise, understand and be understood. To visualise the global and common that coexists with the small and diverse, the word with silence, the explicit with the emerging. A language that helps us to structure the information. That facilitates the (co)creation of the process. That favours dialogue, conversation, connection (of ideas, people, plans, voices)

Pasar de intuiciones a proyectos

Go from intuitions to projects

We help you to convert your dream, your intuitions, into narratives and viable projects.

We accompany you to explore and converse the existing interrelations between the ideas, times and milestones or the people that make up your team or organization. Looking to generate greater cohesion, commitment and greater alignment with the purpose, we facilitate the decantation of the conversation, the process and power to specify it (visually). And we seek to make the process, a shared way of learning.

Visual thinking: Dar un primer paso

Take a first step

We accompany you to see a first step towards the solution of that situation and/or in the deployment of your project or idea.

From that conversed, we see sequence and way, connecting the team’s people with our individual identity and with the ideas and intuitions that arise from the conversation, from the process. And from there, we will be able to recognize that precise and precious moment of reality (here and now) and from there drawing (new) processes and dynamics that may emerge, focusing in that first step that we have to take, each of the people as part of the team and the team as a whole.

...and from there communicate (ourselves) better

Communicate and communicate with each others better

And with the process that we have lived, conversed and visually collected, we create a visual narrative that aligns, brings together, strengthens and generates commitment in the team. Being able to visually show a story that offers meaning (inwards and also outwards). That helps to recognize and focus. Discover new “possible roads”. And we collect everything and to be able to “specify it” in different visual supports and containers that will allow the team (and the organization) to communicate and communicate with each other better (what we are, what we do and how we do. Communicating the history (what brought us so far, the present and the emerging future.

Would you like us to put it into practice
all this together?