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Miryam Artola Dendaluce

My mantra as Visual Facilitator: Care, connect, move (and touch). The passion to sustain the space (personal, team and organizational) through the Visual Language.

My personal and professional activity has been influenced by my work with people and organizations, their relations, what motivates them (us) and their support in the personal and professional field.

My basic training is supported by the bachelor’s degree in Economic and Business Sciences by the University of Deusto (1997). At the start of my professional activity, between 1997 and 2000, I was coordinator for Gipuzkoa del Euskadiko Gazteriaren Kontseilua/Basque Youth Council (1998-2000), public law entity of the Basque Government, which coordinates organizations in favour of public policies for the youth.

My training together with my personal concerns led me to Mexico where between 2000 and 2003 I coordinated the Human Resources department, in IPODERAC – Puebla (Mexico), an organization that works for the integration of street children. (www.ipoderac.org.mx/). During this period I combined my professional activity with teaching at the Iberoamerican University- Puebla, Mexico (between 2000 and 2002). During that time, I was able train in the Certification in the Management of non-profit organizations programme by the University of Monterrey, World Bank Institute and CEMEFI (Puebla, Mexico). On my return from Mexico, I trained in the Master in Development Cooperation by the University of the Basque Country (2003), and during 2003 and 2015 I was coordinator of the International Cooperation department of the ALBOAN Foundation 2003-2015). During this time I complemented my training in Leadership and social innovation in ESADE/Institute for Social Innovation (2001) and the Ignatian spirituality and the Social Leadership (2008-2010).

In 2011 I started-up the Muxote Potolo Bat proposal. During the first years I combined both activities in parallel. The company (Muxote Potolo Bat SL) was created as such in 2012. And from this activity I had the opportunity of being invited researcher at the Boston College School of Social Work (2013) where I discovered the potential of the #Visual Thinking in the work with the organizations, companies and communities (the work that I had performed up to then) with visual language (the activity that was awakening in the area of the company, now created, of MPB SL). As a result of this time, she wrote, co-authored with Fernando Vidal, the book Visual Thought, Murals to innovate (ed. Mensajero 2015).

Since 2012 part-time and from December 2015 full-time, I dedicated my time and my energy to the development of my company (www.muxotepotolobat.com) dedicated to Design, Communication (products and services), and Visual facilitation (Visual Thinking+ Team coaching + Organizational Development).

My main activity is between the strategic management and the management of the company putting special focus on the growing development in the area of the #VisualThinking, offering strategic consultancy services, team coaching and the Graphic Facilitation (Eye Kontact).

During this last time I certified myself in Team coaching (EMANA, 2016), Advanced Team coaching (2018), the Systemic Accompanying in Complex Organizations (NORGARA, 2016) and the U Theory (Presencing Institute, MIT-Massachusets) among others, which allows me to better support the organizations that require our services. In addition, I have been trained as Consultant in culture transformation tools in Barret Values Centre (2017), where II now participate as a collaborator together with Equilia.

In parallel I have trained with Kelvy Bird in “Generative Scribing” (Cologne, 2018) in the “The Lab” of Brandy Agerbeck (The Hague, 2017) and I have collaborated with Ole Qvist-Sørensen from biggerpicture.dk (Denmark, 2015) among others. And I am currently part of the IFVP Board of Directors (International Forum of Visual Practitioners).

Currently I offer on-site and online training in collaboration with emana.net, bringing the #VisualThinking to the work with people, teams and organizations; as well as deploying the #VisualLanguage in-company for the development of effective communication and the strengthening of cohesive, motivated and more efficient teams.

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& the team

In addition, we incorporate Visual Thinking and our experience and approach to the work with teams through VARIOUS COLLABORATIONS with coaching and the consultancy professionals that provide us with a huge learning and the invaluable experience by adding talent, approaches and expertise.


Iratxe Fernández

Born in Barakaldo (1987) I moved early on to the Valencia Region where I did all my studies until I graduated in Fine Arts by the Valencia Polytechnic University (2010) with speciality in painting and graphic design. In 2011 I moved to Bilbao, where I currently reside, to make the Art Research and Creation Master (INCREARTE) given by the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU).

I have complemented my graphic design training with different courses on Digital Marketing, Online Commerce and Graphic Design. In addition to training and working as volunteer and child and youth Free Time monitor in different spaces.

I became part of the Muxote Potolo Bat SL team in 2012, where I have focused on the Design and Communication strategy. In the same way, within the framework of the company’s #VisualThinking strategy, I have completed my training with Bikablo and have developed competences and work in the area of the Graphic Recording in different events and meetings.

The daily work in Muxote Potolo Bat has enriched both my work and my person, being able to meet and connect with incredible people who have taught me a lot about their way of doing and being. Getting up every day and screaming with Miryam and Alicia “eeeegunon mundo!” (Good morning world! – in Basque and Spanish) fills me with energy and helps me to work with more and more enthusiasm so that our clients’ experience is unbeatable. Being able to develop myself in the field of the #visuallanguage and that encourages communication between people and teams remains my goal.


Alicia Neff Atance

My challenge is simple: “Make an effort every day to be a better person in the different roles that I have to play”.

I was born in Galdácano (1969), as regards my academic training I am an economist, I studied at the University of the Basque Country and at this same University I enjoyed the International Cooperation Master.

My first steps in the working world were with the Alboan Foundation, the Jesuit International Cooperation NGO, where I mainly performed for 10 years management and administration work and relationship with donors and volunteers.

Later, there was a great change of register and I continued my professional development as an independent economist performing economic and tax advisory work for different companies for approximately 10 years.

After these 20 years I met Miryam Artola at the party of the 20th Anniversary of the Alboan Foundation and this fascinating adventure started of working with her and her team in Muxote Potolo Bat where I perform management and administration work.

Perhaps someone asks what has been fascinating in these tasks, and I would simply answer that it is not about what tasks you perform but about how you perform them, and I can ensure them that working in this team makes me feel fortunate, valued and enriched.

And we collaborate with...

In addition, we incorporate Visual Thinking and our experience and approach to the work with teams through VARIOUS COLLABORATIONS with coaching and the consultancy professionals that provide us with a huge learning and the invaluable experience by adding talent, approaches and expertise.



In addition to being a source of training and inspiration for Miryam and Muxote Potolo Bat/Eye-Kontact team we collaborate with Maria and her team in some team coaching processes accompanied by Emana. On the other hand we do all the open training proposals in Visual Thinking in the work with teams and organizations with María & her team. A tandem that has allowed us to contribute with our own contribution in the framework of the smart leadership and the construction of effective teams from the contribution of the Visual Language!




We collaborate with Equila team in their commitment to incorporate the Cultural transformation into the companies (we certified with them in the Cultural Transformation Tools Practitioners) and incorporating the visual language into some of the processes that they accompany. The work with values and their visualisation is becoming a fundamental pillar to strengthen the ad intra corporate identity and its communication towards the environment.


coach and play

Coach and Play

With Danel, Bea and Jorge, the Coach & Play team, we dare to play together, together. Venture to match proposals. Incorporating the #LenguajeVisual into languages ​​such as #LegoSeriousPlay and other innovative methodologies that activate play and creativity allow us to co-create proposals to shake teams and organizations, while having fun and visualizing change scenarios.



Cruz Noguera

Cruz Noguera, its projects (Euri Artean and Historias detrás de la Valla) and its art contribute and provide a lot of value to many of our projects. It brings us a wide range of artistic possibilities that allow us to dream about new deployments of our product and service offer. And working with him is simply, pure exercise of creation and possibility!



Andres Espinoza - HEZIMUB

Andres Espinoza helps us to give movement and Life to the muxotepotolobat creations and designs.



Marta Liarte

Marta is the person who we have for the web projects that emerge. His desire to provide solutions and to try to make things simpler together with his passion for design, for doing things well and for challenges, makes working with him very easy.




With Mikel and his team we add the necessary commitment to incorporating the (audio)visual language into a strategic, effective and impacting communication. We collaborate in both directions in processes where we see synergies that complement us.



3D Social Movement

We have co-facilitated the Basque Government’s Proceso Gobernantza+65 and in the diagnosis process of Getxo Lagunkoia, contributing in both processes with visual language. In addition we collaborate with Beatrice and her team in the processes and spaces 3D team request from us.


And we cannot fail to mention and thank the work of those who we learn from, who are a source of inspiration and we collaborate wherever the opportunity arises: Eugenio Moliní, Maru Sarasola, Nerea Burgoa, Maider Gorostidi, Asier Gallastegui, Oreka Sarea

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