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Gearing Roles, Gender Equality Actions in Research Institutions to Transform Gender ROLES (GEARING-Roles) is a solid multidisciplinary consortium of 10 European academic and non-academic partners that will design, implement and evaluate 6 Gender Equality Plans (GEP) following the steps outlined in the GEAR Tool (define, plan, act and verify) with the firm aim of challenging and transforming gender roles and identities linked to professional careers, and working towards real institutional change.

Within this framework, and in order to raise awareness of gender equality in general, and more specifically in the context of science, the GEARING-Roles project released a list of key facts in 2020. These ‘key facts’ are used as a base to build a list of questions and answers that could be used in an interesting way, visually and interactively, to interact with the community, both in person and online. This led to an exhibition that offers a response to the phenomenon of appropriation, dilution and ‘branding’ of feminist messages by marketers, social media influencers or celebrities. The exhibition aims to provide an alternative to the commodification of feminism and the rise of trends towards “post-feminist” femininity.

Calendars and card holders were also made for the communication of the project at a European level.

GR Travelling TShirt Exhibition

Fecha proyecto:

2020 and 2021


Gearing roles Universidad Deusto

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