Visual Thinking,
Team Coaching
and Visual Facilitation

what do we do?

Through methodologies like the visual thinking, graphic facilitation and the systemic coaching, we accompany you to:

Crear equipos eficaces y cohesionados

Create effective and cohesive teams

Get the best out of yourself and your team

Crear juntos/as narrativas comunes

Create together common narratives

Facilitate the co-creation, the team commitment and the organizational change

Pasar de intuiciones a proyectos

Go from intuition to projects

Convert your dream, your intuition, into a viable project

Visual thinking: Dar un primer paso

Take the first step

Take the first stop towards achieving your project

Pensamiento visual
how do we do it?

We combine the methodologies of Visual Thinking, visual facilitation, collective creation, group methodologies and team coaching among others, with the aim of helping teams and organizations to respond to their challenges. You will drive the necessary changes, you will get closer to your dream. And something new will arise.

graphic facilitation

Visual Thinking and graphic facilitation

They help us to capture the intuition and ideas that emerge in your team.

systemic coaching

Systemic coaching

We foster reflection on the place that people occupy in the organization and their role in it.

team coaching

Team and personnel coaching

We facilitate the identification of the challenges as well as the resources that you have to be able to cope with them.

participative metodologies

Participative methodologies

Generates trust and strengthens the team’s skills and competences.

Would you like us to put it into practice
all this together?

some of our works
cursos y conferencias impartidos por eye kontact

Courses and conferences

We accompany you to activate your #VisualLanguage and that of your team, in a simple, effective manner and with impact.

Facilitación Visual y Desarrollo Organizacional

Visual Facilitation and Organizational Development

We will create together a common narrative that helps us to recognise&visualise our present, connect with our history, our values, our way of Being and make and venture into possible scenarios.

Tangibilizando lo intangible

Making the intangible, tangible

Anchor the learning, visualise the process, report what we are and do… with Graphic Acts (#GraphicRecording), infographies, movestories…

Because we love what we do and we think that
this methodology can help you, we have written a book
in which we talk about Visual Thinking.