Our added value: Visual Language

Consultoría en desarrollo de organizaciones​ de la mano de Eye-Kontact

Organisational Development Consultancy

The kind of consultancy we propose is focussed on deep listening, respectful inquiry and creating meaningful conversations. This is how we facilitate the identification of personal and team challenges, as well as the resources to be able to meet them.

Diseño y comunicación desarrollado por Eye-Kontact

Communication And Design

We create visual narratives which align, unite, direct and create commitment in the team.
Our visual stories give the organisation internal and external meaning which helps to identify and focus. We collect this story and portray it in different media and visual containers which will allow the team and the organisation to communicate and get on better.

Formación impartida por Eye-Kontact


We offer in-company and open training courses and sessions with the following focal points.

  • To approach the world of Visual Thinking and Visual Language from its pedagogical, communicative and organisational contributions.
  • To develop skills for the development of a “visual vocabulary” for our company and organisation in a practical way.
  • To exercise systematization of information and listening skills.

Which is focused on: