Our proposal with SALVA was to work with the industrial SALVA team in a different and fresh communication of the strategic approach for the next three years. Looking for a communicative impact that generates enthusiasm in the team.
It aims to INCORPORATE the VOICE of more people into the Strategic Planning process, deepen the CULTURAL IDENTITY of SALVA and deepen a BETTER and more EFFECTIVE and AFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION strong>.

This is intended to:

  • Offer a VISUAL NARRATIVE of the PROCESS (history, present and future)
  • Promote PARTICIPATORY spaces for strategic reflection and take the necessary steps
    for it
  • Land in communicative TANGIBLES that unite and give identity strength to the
    organization and teams.
  • Promote an open and transparent INTERNAL COMMUNICATION STYLE

With all this, for the different sessions we created Work logs, several panels created together and subsequently various infographics and communication elements.

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