XIV Aulablog meeting in Oviedo

XIV encuentro Aulablog en Oviedo

On July 7 and 8, 2019, Miryam Artola Dendaluce participated in the Aulablog meeting in Oviedo where she offered a workshop on Visual Thinking and a >lecture on “How to convert a vital commitment into a business proposal”. The connection with the people of AULABLOG was very powerful. We were able to easily activate our […]

Deusto Business Alumni

DEUSTO BUSINESS ALUMNI - La transformación digital en la gestión de personas con Nerea Burgoa y Miryam Artola en el Deustalks

Anterior Siguiente Deusto Business Alumni held a Deustalks in Madrid on Thursday, September 20, 2019, with Nerea Burgoa, under the title Digital Transformation and Talent in which we collaborate with a #GraphicRecording and offering a brief pill on #VisualThinking as an emerging methodology and language in the management of our companies and organizations.< /p> In […]

#VisualThinking #sketchnotes1

#VisualThinking #sketchnotes1

We can count it. And write some paragraphs. give talks In fact, we have written a whole book so you can delve into the Visual Thought . And today we share some keys to Visual Thinking, through the tools of visual thinking. #sketchnotes #keynotes. A little bite… to whet your appetite.