Design elements, communication and infographics for the City Council of Derio

The Derio City Council has trusted us to carry out various communication elements over these years. From the making of posters on various topics, posters for its municipal facilities and within the last works, in 2020 we made the logo for the gender violence campaign and the signage of public places to sunbathe and recreation areas for animals. . We also made several infographics for the civility campaign that the City Council is carrying out.

In 2021, the Association of Merchants and CIDFCA contacted us to carry out the Christmas campaign for Derio businesses, for which we created the image of the campaign, a commercial passport whose purpose is to carry out a raffle.

We are currently working on several designs for the Town Hall and its different areas.

Fecha proyecto:

2016 - 2021


Ayuntamiento de Derio

Tipo de proyecto:

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