Facilitation and Graphic Recording. Kontsumobide “The new forms of consumption”

On December 15, we accompanied Kontsumobide in its Technical Conference: The New Forms of Consumption. How do they affect consumers?

During the Conference, Graphic Minutes were taken of what happened there and later, with the attendees, a dynamic participatory dynamic was carried out to draw concrete conclusions on how we can adapt as entities of protection to people to the new forms of consumption. What should be the role that OMICs and Associations should adopt in this new situation, both what they may need and what they may have to apply.

At the end of the dynamic, it was closed with the conclusions panel created along throughout the day.

In addition to the above, all the graphic communication elements were made, from the poster of the day, its adaptations to social networks, the program and screen for the room.

After the end of the event, with everything that happened there, the digitalization of the graphic Minutes and an infographic summary of the conclusions of the dynamics were carried out.

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